Imagine trying to be a stage mother in a town of 400 in South Dakota. Let’s just say my mother Hope lived up to her name. From the time I was six she was driving me to piano contests to compete for blue ribbons. The church organ and saxophone came later and in between she had her only daughter memorizing and performing extraordinarily long oratory pieces both dramatic and humorous that required long car rides to compete for more ribbons and medals. Then there was Charlie Brown – my extremely hard-of-hearing dad who poo-pooed any amplification device that might help and thus contributed immensely to my projection skills. When radio suddenly appeared as a career option during college, I was over the moon. Soon, my dad was keeping my mom awake at night as he listened for a Roz Brown Boulder Bureau story via the 50,000-watt Voice of the West, KOA. During my career I’ve combined my passion for radio and writing into my profession, spending many years in broadcasting and then as the chief writer and media interface for at a major Colorado aerospace company. I now concentrate on using my writing and broadcasting skills to provide clients with a service and flair they won’t find anywhere else. If you are looking for an experienced copywriter, voiceover artist, video scriptwriter or podcaster, I would be delighted to chat.